Mini Remapping Service…

Are you aware that the engine fitted to your car has had its power output intentionally restricted by Mini?

This is due to BMW having to cater for a wide range of conditions and various users throughout the world and as such have to make allowances some of the following examples:

Some countries outside of Europe only supply low octane or sub standard fuels.

Some vehicle owners do not stick to the recommended service schedules.

High and low altitudes also have to be taken into account.

The market dictates power output, some engines are physically identical but the manufacture will raise or lower the power output to fit market demand. Take the early Mini One and Cooper as a good example, exactly the same engine but with a 25bhp difference in power output, this is purely software mapping. We can take a Mini One over and above Cooper spec in the form of a remap giving it 30 additional horsepower.

The good news is these restrictions do not need to be kept in place on any of the Mini range. By removing these restrictions we can then optimise your vehicles engine to its full potential. This process is called remapping.

We remap the vehicles ECU (engine control unit) thus attaining a genuine increase in smoothness, driveability, throttle response, power, torque and MPG. The engine’s “flat spots” (usually two) that are purposefully engineered into the power curve at the factory (so as to pass emission and noise regulations at those particular RPM locations), these are also eliminated.

All E-Series vehicles that can be tuned via OBD (mostly pre 2010) are charged at £359.00 inc VAT.

All F-Series vehicles (mostly 2010 and newer) are flashed using a newer process. These later vehicles are still charged out at £359.00 inc VAT.

The new software can be reverted back to the factory map at any time.

So what’s down side?
There quite simply isn’t one.