If you’ve ever been here, I’m sure you have seen it!

If there was an award for one of the slowest builds I think we nearly hit it at 5 years. Looking back even we wondered how this project took so long. The truth is with everything else going on here, time just got away.

BMW Powered Triumph TR6

Following the same recipe as our BMW Powered Mk1 Ford Transit we decided that a BMW M50 2.5ltr 24v straight six engine would be a perfect upgrade to the ageing TR’s engine. This upgrade would provide a good balance of a classic sports car but with a modern engine. Using this later system the vehicle would benefit from fuel injection and a self learning / adjusting ECU.

 A BMW gearbox was used with a custom made propshaft. This once under powered TR6 is now producing a strong 192bhp with a fantastic soundtrack.

BMW Powered Triumph TR6 Engine

Custom front suspension and wishbones were fabricated along with a replacement steering rack to allow the engine to sit just perfect!

A custom stripped down BMW wiring loom was used to drive the engine with a genuine BMW DME control unit, this allows full diagnostic and programming ability through a BMW tool. You can see from the picture below the iconic 20 pin BMW diagnostic socket mounted in the top left of the TR’s engine bay.

BMW Powered Triumph TR6 Diagnostic

Replacement period looking digital rev counter and GPS speedo were mounted into custom made billet frames to replace the older mechanical fed units for absolute precision.

BMW Powered Triumph TR6 Dash

Now that this long term project is finally complete. It’s over to our customer to enjoy the car out on the road!