Gearbox Software Updates.

BMW release software updates periodically to rectify previous bugs or improve functionality.

As time moves on and a vehicle has been in the open market, BMW will monitor and review software. Updates correct software scripting errors and revised software can allow a control unit to compensate for component wear or common faults. As these vehicle’s age any software faults become apparent and are released in the way of a ‘flash’ update. Flash software updates completely rewrite a control units operating data (OS), much like when manufactures of mobile telephones or tablet computers release an update. There is however a difference in the update process.

These software updates cannot be performed by the end user. To update the software within your vehicle it needs to be connected to a stable power supply and a BMW tool to update. 

A gearbox software update can be completed for a cost of £79.80 inc VAT. This will update the gearbox firmware to the latest version offered by BMW. If your vehicle is pre 2017 then we would recommend this update as it does rectify some of the gearbox niggles that these boxes have gained a reputation of over the years.