ZF 6HP 6-Speed Gearbox Servicing

Your gearbox is a extremely sophisticated piece of engineering that needs to be looked after with regular oil changes. These transmissions are built up of a few hundred components, some of these components are designed to wear out (like clutches) through making use of them. Your driving style and proper maintenance have the biggest impact on the overall life time of these transmission components. We see lot’s of vehicles with very high mileage (over 200,000 miles) with factory built transmissions, that have lasted through simple planned servicing.

BMW claims that the gearbox on these vehicles are ‘sealed for life’. If you further quiz them on this statement they deem life at 100,000 miles. Almost any independent or gearbox specialist will recommend gearbox oil & oil filter changes inline with ZF (the gearbox manufacturer for BMW) every 60,000 miles. Trust ZF, they have designed and built this transmission.

  • When servicing a gearbox we always check for any leaks and clean down prior to removing filter. If any additional gaskets are required we would speak to you about replacement as this would be an ideal time to replace them (output shaft seals, mechatronic seals etc).
  • We fully drain the gearbox of it’s old oil.
  • We remove and replace the gearbox oil filter. This is in fact a complete plastic sump for the gearbox with an integral filter.
  • We then refill the gearbox using the correct oil specified by the gearbox manufacturer.
  • With a ‘Full Gearbox Service’ we replace the mechatronic figure of 8 seal and rear electrical sleeve.

We offer a few different options when servicing these ZF 6HP gearboxes:

  1. Regular Service: The cost of a gearbox oil service is £478.00 inc VAT, this service includes a gearbox oil filter & gearbox oil. We would recommend this is completed every 60,000 miles to keep your transmission functioning at it’s best and avoid costly rebuilds at a later date.
  2. Full Gearbox Service: The cost of a complete gearbox service is £580.20 inc VAT (this service includes all of the above but with the addition of a mechatronic figure of 8 seal and rear electrical sleeve.  
  3. Software Updates: A gearbox software update can be added for a cost of £79.80 inc VAT. This will update the gearbox firmware to the latest version offered by BMW. We would recommend this firmware update as it does rectify some of the gearbox niggles that these boxes have gained a reputation of over the years.

All of the above can be completed same day.