Mini 2019 Navigation Map Updates…

If your vehicle is supplied with Move navigation we can update your vehicles sat nav maps to the latest 2019 version and supply a valid FSC activation code to activate the software.

Road routes are changed each year due to changes in construction, new bypasses etc. Points of interest also change frequently, such as hotels, petrol stations, rest stops and restaurants.
With up-to-date navigation data, drivers can always find the best way to get to where they want to go. Guided tours, 3D objects, 3D city models are also updated.

Mini 2017 Navigation Map Updates

Is your vehicle ready for USB updates?

These map data updates require the vehicle to be capable of map updates via inbuilt USB port. Earlier vehicles require a software update of the main navigation system firmware to activate the use of USB software updates.

The quickest way to identify if your vehicle requires an update is to load your iDrive into any map screen. If you have the box ticked in the bottom left hand corner your vehicle is ready for a USB updates. If your box is plain black then a firmware update is required.

BMW USB update ready

Map updates are charged at £50.00 + VAT. This includes the mapping software and FSC activation code.

If your vehicle requires a firmware update to activate the USB update facility then we can preform this update if required. The cost of updating the vehicle to the latest BMW software version is £108.33 + VAT.