The service that we offer is for both the Siemens MSS54 and MSS54HP DME’s, these control units are fitted to the BMW E46 M3, M3 CS, Z4m and M3 CSL (any vehicle running a ///M S54 engine).

These firmware modifications can be completed via OBD (with the vehicle onsite). We can also flash these ECU’s on the bench. This is ideal for customers that are further away or are using the engine in another vehicle or a conversion (we simply require the DME removed and we can complete any of the modifications listed below).


BMW E46 M3 MSS54 & MSS54HP DME EWS Delete, Remap & Upgrades

MSS54HP in at Grosvenor Motor Company being bench flashed.


Please see the services that we offer for these DME control units listed here (some of these services clickable for further information).

  • 155MPH Limiter removal.
  • SMG Style Shift lights on 6 Speed Manual cars (Gran Turismo style shift indicator).
  • Sport button memory (Remembers the last position of the sports button switch when restarting vehicle).
  • Dyno rev limit adjustment / removal – Factory set rev limit of 6300 rpm, this can be adjusted to the factory in gear limit of 8000rpm.
  • Rev limiter adjustment – We would only advise an increase on vehicles running APR rod bolts.
  • CSL SMG Shift / Rev matching & Inertia fix.
  • Disable secondary air pump from running on cold start.
  • Total fault code elimination of secondary air pump (once part is totally removed and blanked off).
  • Enable burble and pop on over run / lift off.
  • Exhaust backfire tunes for vehicles without catalytic converters (3 stages of tune available).
  • Fault code elimination for vehicles with catalytic converter removal.
  • Fault code elimination for vehicles with rear O2 sensor removal.
  • EWS delete (this will allow for the engine to be donored into any vehicle – This service is usually carried out for customers wanting to do an engine conversion).
  • Transmission Swap (SMG to manual conversion.)
  • Disable the requirement for a gear position sensor (for vehicles being converted from SMG to manual).
  • Idle speed adjustment.
  • Aux fan temp settings (E46 M3 or Z4m specs).

The cost of the services listed above is £150 inc VAT, there isn’t a limit on how many of these can be completed as long as they are carried out at the same time.

If you would like more information on our BMW E46 M3 SMG 255 CSL flash, please see our web article here.

In addition, we can offer a performance tune. These tunes provide an additional 18bhp and 30nm of torque on a standard car.