BMW Entry_Nav constantly rebooting? We have a solution.

It is worth mentioning before we start that this issue affects vehicles with and without satnav. Throughout this article we are going to refer to the main head unit as an entry_nav as this is what BMW has named this unit when communicating to it diagnostically, regardless whether the vehicle was equipped with sat nav or not.

All vehicles suffering from this fault were manufactured between 2014 & 2019. If your vehicle falls out of this year range then this particular solution will not be relevant.

This particular issue has plagued a large number of F-series BMW models utilising the entry_nav system. We have changed quite a few of these units ourselves historically as there was no repair solution at the time. These replacement units cost around £1400 fitted & programmed. We are now updating the head unit’s software to the latest version which has been successful on every unit that we have repaired to date. Even the unit’s that are failing to boot.

BMW Entry_Nav Rebooting Solution

Our solution is only for the Business Navigation system fitted (entry_nav units with Route navigation) and the basic version (without nav) – It is not relevent to the older models. A fault is usually identified by the system constantly rebooting (every 30 seconds to 1 minute) or completely stuck on the BMW boot logo.

The cost of a complete vehicle software update is £130 inc VAT.

At present we do not offer a remote upgrade service or a bench flash option for these head units. We use professional grade power supplies to provide adequate stable power to the vehicle during the flashing process, failure to do this can lead to module failure.

We require the whole vehicle, for a working day. We do not just cut corners and update a singular control unit, we update the complete vehicle to the latest BMW software version to avoid any dependency errors.

If you have any questions, please give one of our friendly team a call on 0118 958 3481.