BMW MS42 MS43 DME Cloning Or EWS Delete

We offer this service the Siemens MS42 and MS43, these control units are fitted to the BMW E46 & E85 Z4.

BMW Siemens MS43 DME Cloning EWS Removal

We can clone your original DME’s data to a donor (this would need to be sourced yourself). We also offer a EWS delete service to completely remove the EWS function from the DME. This is especially useful for engine swaps, when a EWS control unit has failed or when your original data is unrecoverable from your old DME. 

We only flash these ECU’s on the bench so no vehicle is required. This is ideal for customers that are further away or are using the engine in another vehicle or a conversion (we simply require the DME removed and we can complete the required service).

The cost of this service is £150 + VAT.