BMW E81 / E82 / E87/ E88 Coding Options.

BMW’s are literally pumped full of useful features, various functions are deactivated at factory level when the vehicle is produced. These functions can be activated, added, removed, converted or flashed to the vehicle using specialised diagnostic equipment. Hopefully our basic outline below will give you a good understanding of what can be performed and the costs involved.

Option/key coding…

The following features can be coded into your vehicle and activated for a cost of £91.67 + VAT, this service carries it’s own fee, this is not included in any of our other coding services. There is no limit on how many you can select from the list below but please make our staff aware of which items are coded before any coding work is started.

  1. Visuals and acoustics can be activated so when the vehicle is locked / unlocked the indicators will flash and an audible chirp is heard (single chirp for lock, double chirp for unlock).
  2. High beam headlamps flash with indicators if the vehicle’s alarm is activated to attract further attention.
  3. Panic mode – if the trunk release button is held on the key remote for 5 seconds, the vehicle alarm will be activated attracting attention.
  4. All power windows can be made one-touch (if not set from the factory).
  5. Comfort window lowering (Coupe only) – The drivers window will open upon opening the vehicle with the door handle, the window will automatically close as soon as the door is shut. This feature is especially helpful when attempting to enter the vehicle in tight spaces.
  6. Automatically re-lock vehicle after 2 minutes if unlock button was pressed but doors have not been opened. A partially useful feature if the vehicle has been unlocked by accident – the re-lock feature will be deactivated if any doors are opened within the 2 minutes.
  7. Full closure on locking – Pressing and holding the lock button on the key remote will automatically close all windows.
  8. Convenient unlocking – Pressing and holding the unlock button on the key remote will automatically open all windows. Convertible models can also have the addition of the roof opening automatically via the key remote.
  9. Electric folding wing mirrors can be folded in automatically by pressing and holding lock button on key remote (not available on some vehicles).
  10. Automatic locking when vehicle reaches 10mph – This feature automatically locks all doors / trunk when first reaching 16kph, this prevents any unwanted intruders whilst driving.
  11. Seat belt reminders can be activated / deactivated.
  12. Home lights activation time can be adjusted for a longer duration.
  13. Activation of daytime running lights.
  14. Seat and radio station memory can be set to activate from individual keys (different keys can be used to activate different memory seat functions without touching seat memory button every time a different driver enters the vehicle).
  15. Digital speed read out on standard instrument cluster (M3 style) – activated by cycling through BC after activation.
  16. Activation of DRL options on instrument cluster BC (2007 or newer).


Additional retrofits…

Various retrofit options can also be coded to the vehicle, all may/will require additional hardware, the following features can be coded into your vehicle and activated for a cost of £91.67 + VAT (individually), this service carries it’s own fee, this is not included in any of our other coding services.

  • Dension, mObridge and genuine MP3 interfaces can be coded.
  • CD changer retrofit activation.
  • AUX port retrofit activation.
  • Cruise control and multi-function steering wheel retrofit.
  • Xenon light coding retrofit – also required if fitted HID headlights due to the lower power draw 35w (causing warning lights on dash) – manual headlamp level control will be lost as a result of this retrofit.
  • OKOS – Elimination of comfort opening via mechanical key.

Removal Coding…

The following features can be removed from your vehicle by way of specialised coding at a cost of £91.67 + VAT (individually), this service carries it’s own fee, this is not included in any of our other coding services.

  1. Bulb checks deactivated – Constant false bulb out warnings due to faulty FRM, as long as the indicators still flash at the correct speed this coding option can save you the cost of a replacement FRM.
  2. Airbag equipment removal (disclaimers will need to be signed) – we can remove single components of the airbag system whilst allowing the rest of the system to operate correctly and deploy in the event of an accident. Coding can provide the option fitting aftermarket or performance BMW seats, it can also provide safe and reliable removal of faulty seat occupancy sensors.
  3. Deletion of various alarm sensors – Various areas of the factory alarm system can be deactivated to cut the cost of expensive alarm repairs (tilt sensors, interior sensors etc can be deactivated to avoid false alarm triggers while still maintaining correct operation of the BMW system).
  4. Adaptive headlight error removal – we can code the cluster to remove this warning message (although the fault is still present). It does however save the constant failure ‘bing’ every time the vehicle is started.
  5. Radio removal – This conversion has been requested by audio specialists to safely and permanently remove the vehicles radio.
  6. Replacing seats in a vehicle for Recaro’s? Obviously Recaro’s do not have side airbags built into seats, seat occupancy sensors, seat belt tensioners etc. We can recode the vehicle to disable the removed channels, this will allow the rest of the system to operate correctly and deploy in the event of an accident and extinguish the airbag light.

Replacement Key Remotes & Programming…

Replacement Key Remotes & Programming – At Grosvenor Motor Company we can supply and programme (code) a replacement remote control to your vehicle. This allows your to start the car and use the remote control to lock and unlock. We are proud to offer this unique service whilst you wait!

These options may not be available on every vehicle. Different model years, body variants and specification will dictate the options presently available for your vehicle