Mini F56 Apple CarPlay Activation Retrofit

All vehicles factory fitted with the Professional Navigation (609 option code) 2017 and newer could benefit from this retrofit.

Special offer £199

Benefits of Apple CarPlay at a glance:

  • Lets you use iPhone apps on your BMW’s iDrive screen.
  • Connects your iPhone wirelessly to the BMW iDrive system.
  • Utilises your vehicles factory installed microphone for Siri’s voice commands.
  • Full digital audio playback through the BMW stereo system.
  • Use of Google or Apple maps on your vehicle’s display.

Before we start, your vehicle needs to be manufactured 2017 or later with a Professional wide screen navigation (609 option code). If your vehicle does not fit this criteria then sadly we cannot offer this service for your car. The good news is, if these prerequisites have been met then it’s possible that it’s already fitted with most of the hardware necessary to run Apple CarPlay.

We really need to stress this point, the navigation system of your car must be factory fitted and one of the following (this is not optional and there is no work around, if it doesn’t have one of these head units factory installed then sadly we cannot offer you this retrofit), Although our team try their best to help over the phone, there is absolutely no substitute for checking yourself to save a wasted journey:

The cost of the full CarPlay retrofit is currently on special offer of £199 inc VAT. This includes all of the required coding, FSC codes & the additional Wifi antenna (if required).

Mini F56 LCI Business Navigation Full Screen Apple CarPlay upgrade.

If your vehicle comes with factory CarPlay and is set to the small half / split screen mode, we can upgrade this to full screen mode like the Professional Navigation model’s.

We proform a complete vehicle software update and then activate this function. The cost of this upgrade is £130 inc VAT.