BMW 2 Series F23 Cabriolet/Convertible Roof Motor Unit Only 2015 onwards.

Has your BMW 2 Series roof stopped working? Its a very expensive fix from BMW as the part is £1140 + VAT alone. Then you have the additional cost of fitting.

Most of these roof motors have sadly suffered the same fate and are water damaged as the roof motor resides in the boot area and often gets contaminated with water.

Any BMW E23 2-Series roof issue can be diagnosed and repaired in house. These convertible roofs can suffer various faults such as:

  • Hall sensors.
  • Position switches.
  • Wiring harnesses.
  • Electrical relays.
  • Hydraulic roof hoses.
  • Windows / doors inhibiting roof operation.
  • Hydraulic roof motors (pump).


BMW F23 2-Series Convertible Roof Motor Failure

Genuinely, we can often save you hundreds in repair costs with these roofs over a main dealer and we have customers from all over the country travel for this service.

If you have any further questions or we can help get your vehicle booked in, please give one of our team a call on 0118 958 3481 who will be happy to help.