BMW ISN Change For ///M 7-Speed DCT EGS Gearbox

Often when gearboxes fail, customers opt for second hand units due to the expenditure of a genuine replacement.

(If a used gearbox or Mechatronic unit you will require this service).

When a brand new Mechatronic control unit (within the gearbox) is fitted, it is then coded ‘ONCE’ with a ISN (Individual Serial Number). This serial number is not conventionally changeable as it is part of the vehicles security system. The vehicle will start but not engage any gears, with this system in place BMW can almost guarantee you are required to purchase a brand new replacement.

We now support most F-Series ///M vehicles equipped with the 7 speed DCT gearbox.

This service is applicable to:

  • BMW F87 M2
  • BMW F80 M3
  • BMW F82 & F83 M4
  • BMW F10 M5
  • BMW F12/F13/F06 M6

If you fit a used replacement part you will find the gearbox will not select any gears (this is an additional security feature).

At Grosvenor we offer a EGS ISN rewriting service (we are one of very few specialists who can provide this service worldwide), allowing the use of second hand parts.

We would require the vehicle for one working day at a cost of £150 + VAT.