Grosvenor Motor Company will only use genuine BMW oil filters.

It is vital to use genuine BMW oil filters. Even the best brand of aftermarket oil filters can collapse and cause endless issues.

Remember… Vanos systems, Valvetronic systems, timing chain tensioners and hydraulic tappets are all oil pressure reliant. Even a slight drop in oil pressure can cause catastrophic component failures.

The importance of using genuine BMW oil filters

The right hand filter pictured below is a branded (non genuine) filter. As you can see the construction is even different to the genuine BMW filter pictured on the left (looking at the end caps). The non-genuine filter has started to collapse.

BMW Oil Filter

This filter here has absolutely broken up, we quite literally spooned this non-genuine filter out of the oil filter housing.

BMW Oil Filter

 You can trust that whenever your vehicle is serviced here, a genuine BMW oil filter and the correct specification of oil will always be used.