BMW Brake Fluid Change With DOT4

The brake fluid in your vehicle is changed to maintain braking performance and protect internal components from corrosion, as such it is recommended that the system is flushed and new DOT4 fluid added every 2 years.

Unfortunately, brake fluid tends to be hygroscopic which can be a problem as hygroscopic means to “absorb water”.

Therefore, because brake fluid is hygroscopic, it will tend to absorb water and moisture. If there is excess water in the brake fluid, it will lower the boiling point and reduce braking performance.

As part of a brake fluid change, we flush through the used brake fluid from the vehicles braking system with new DOT4 brake fluid, ensure the correct level is obtained and everything cleaned down.

When we complete a brake fluid change we:

  • Will environmentally dispose of old brake fluid.
  • Use the correct DOT4 fluid in the system.
  • Reset your service light.
  • Stamp your service book (if your vehicle still has one).
  • Update the digital service record on the vehicle (if your vehicle is on the F-Series platform).
  • If we update the service record, this will also be stored and accessible through BMW’s central mainframe.

The cost of a brake fluid change is £55.92 inc VAT.