Electric Vehicle Servicing

Servicing is really where we get our chance to shine…

As a specialist we really have seen it all when it comes to bad servicing and pride ourselves on being the absolute best.

Did you know that the Office of Fair trading (OFT) reported that consumers no longer have to have their car serviced by a franchised dealer to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty? When a vehicle has full main dealer service history we often see the common ‘fast fit’ approach to servicing.

A main dealer’s hourly rate is almost double that of an independent. We see corners cut regularly to keep costs down and for dealers to remain competitive. For a main dealer to service a vehicle for the same price as an independent they physically have to do less work.

i8 - Grosvenor Motor Company - Electric Vehicle Specialist

CBS Servicing – All BMW i vehicles use CBS, this is system called condition based service, this service method actually works very well with electric vehicle’s as not all servicing will come at one time. Although there is less to service, these vehicle’s still have micro filters, brake discs & pads, brake fluid changes etc that still require maintenance.

To give a example of how we can save you money. Our brake fluid change (this is due every 2 years) is charged at £55.92 inc VAT (this is a huge saving over any of the BMW dealerships).

Please give one of our friendly service team a call for more information on 0118 958 3481 and they will be more than happy to quote you on your service.