If you own a 1-Series or 3-Series (2005 & onwards), with the later high pressure petrol engines. You may well see this EML symbol appear on you dash.

E87 & E90 EML & Misfire

This symbol indicates a fault within the DME (ECU – engine control unit). If the light is paired with poor running, lack of power, vehicle shaking then it’s usually a cylinder that has dropped out.

BMW recommend replacement of a spark plug, ignition coil and injector on the offending cylinder making it quite an expensive repair.

We diagnose and advise every vehicle on an individual basis, nothing is left to assumption.

Remember if your ECU detects any fault with the running of the engine you will see this lamp. You as a driver will only see this one warning light for almost countless variations of possible faults. No one can positively diagnose your vehicle without plugging it in.