E46 M3 DME flash options…

The options listed below are only applicable to the E46 M3 – they cannot be programmed into any other variant.

Both or just one of these options can be activated on all E46 M3’s for a flat rate of £91.67 + VAT (this is a separate DME flashing fee and is not included with any of our other services/remaps).

6-Speed Manual Shift Lights.

All BMW E46 M3’s equipped with the SMG gearbox are produced with shift lights activated as standard. This Gran Turismo style shift indicator often leaves manual transmission owners in envy. At Grosvenor we can reflash the DME (ECU) control unit to activate these very same shift lights in the 6-Speed manual transmission model… Giving a manual car full Gran Turismo shift lights.

Sports Button Memory.

We can reflash the DME to activate ‘sports button memory’. The sports button is fitted standard to all E46 M3s and changes throttle mapping when activated. By default ‘sports mode’ switches off when the ignition is cycled. ‘Sports button memory’ is exactly that. Whatever position the sport mode was previously set to, will be automatically restored upon start up of the vehicle.

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These options may not be available on every vehicle. Different model years, body variants and specification will dictate the options presently available for your vehicle.