BMW E53 X5 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes.

BMW E53 X5 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes.

Suspension bushes are a very common failure point on E53 X5’s causing adverse tyre wear, incorrect alignment, brake shimmer and poor handling.

BMW manufacture these bushes from a rubber compound containing natural products which deteriorate with age. As they age the bush becomes softer and more pliable, resisting the forces placed on it less and less. Therefore allowing more and more movement of suspension components and offering less and less control over the suspension geometry.

This in turn causes accelerated tyre wear, braking instability and poor handling. This is the single biggest reason you can instantly tell the difference driving a three year old car compared to a showroom new one.

Front brake reaction bushes:

When these bushes fail on a X5, most people pick it up through the steering wheel. This is commonly misdiagnosed as ‘brake shudder’ (warped discs).

At Grosvenor we don’t believe in wasting your money, this is why we no longer fit these inferior, standard rubber BMW bushes as they will only fail again later down the line. Rather than just fitting replacements, we have devised a solution. We fit a set of uprated Polyurethane bushes and issue a lifetime guarantee!

BMW E53 X5 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

Uprated Polyurethane bush pictured on the left.

Standard BMW rubber bush pictured on the right.

BMW E53 X5 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

Polyurethane bushes don’t deteriorate like standard rubber bushes, so in 20,000 miles they will feel the same as the day we’ve fitted them and give a nice solid feel to the front of the vehicle.

Rear subframe bushes:

The rear subframe carries alot of components which equates to alot of weight. This whole subframe is secured to the chassis in the way of 4 large bushes. These bushes are again made from rubber so have a very limited lifetime, this is where we fit Polyurethane subframe bushes (pictured below) to make this rather expensive repair, a permanent one!

BMW E53 X5 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

It is not just a repair, it’s a solution!