A software only BMW EGR delete / disable.

Various tuners / specialists claim that they can delete the EGR valve from a diesel vehicle, but what are they actually doing for your money?

  • Just deleting the DDE’s ability to register EGR faults (thus hiding the fault).
  • If the EGR valve is faulty, this will only mask the fault and potentially make any electronics diagnostics difficult.
  • If an electronic EGR is fitted to a vehicle it may still be active with just the ability for your vehicles DDE to recognise the EGR system is removed.
  • Mechanical restrictor plates are often fitted to reduce the EGR flow but allow full movement of the valve, fooling the ECU into believing the EGR is operating correctly.
  • All of the above can obviously lead to poor running, lack of power, excessive temperature, fault lights on dash.

Our EGR disable service literally locks the EGR valve closed every time the vehicle is started. After our remap the ECU constantly sends a ‘close the EGR valve’ signal. This method requires and maintains use of the EGR valve and has the benefit of not using anything foreign to restrict or jam the valve. This is quite literally the safest way of disabling the EGR system and maintaining a factory look.

We can offer EGR valve disable for £250 + VAT. 

Our BMW diesel EGR valve service disables the EGR purely via software.
Done once, done right!