Independent BMW Motorrad Servicing

Servicing is really where we get our chance to shine…

As a Independent Motorrad Specialist we really have seen it all when it comes to bad servicing and pride ourselves on being the absolute best.

Did you know that the Office of Fair trading (OFT) reported that consumers no longer have to have their car serviced by a franchised dealer to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty?

Independent BMW Motorrad Servicing

A BMW Motorrad main dealer’s hourly rate is almost double that of an independent. We see corners cut regularly to keep costs down and for dealers to remain competitive. For a main dealer to service a motorcycle for the same price as an independent they physically have to do less work.

BMW date stamp all of their parts, so if a date of 08/08 is printed on the side of a air filter and the vehicle was made in August 2008 we know the filters is original to the vehicle. This also gives a very good reference as to how comprehensive the previous servicing was.

One of our highly experienced technicians’s will physically check every component and service item to assess what needs replacing. Every item that we change during a service will be kept to show you upon collection.

This style of servicing leaves nothing down to assumption.

We will check and advise on tyres, steering, brakes and chain or belt condition with any of our services. 

All parts used are either genuine BMW or uprated to exceed the dealers quality. 

At Grosvenor we can directly log our services with BMW so the dealers have a record of everything that we have done. All motorcycles with digital service records will be updated and service books stamped.

We are all motorcyclists at Grosvenor, we care as we truely love what we do!!