Motorrad Coding & Retrofits

Every control unit on your motorcycle is coded with your vehicles specified information when it leaves the BMW factory. This procedure writes the chassis number, vehicle order (VO), vital vehicle data and user settings into each control unit.

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If a control unit fails and requires replacement, this would then require coding to your vehicle. This process allows the vehicle to identify, recognise and use a newly fitted control unit.

Coding can also be used to activate new functions within your vehicle, for example:

  • Addition of LED indicators.
  • Change the ambient temp from °C to °F  and visa versa.
  • Retrofit LED Indicators.
  • Retrofit Anti-theft alarm system.
  • Retrofit Heated Grips.
  • Retrofit ABS Pro.
  • Change clock from 12hrs to 24hrs.
  • Active time, alarm system LED.
  • Odometer – Km to Mls.
  • Outside temperature display – Degrees Celsius / Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Turn signal cancelling – 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds.

The cost of our BMW Motorrad coding service is £83.00 + VAT.