Handbrake light on

The handbrake light can be on for a few reasons: 

hand brake light

The first and most obvious is the handbrake is on. Totally normal but must go off when you release the handbrake.

The second is the handbrake control unit has a fault stored, the control unit monitors the handbrake system and alerts the driver in the event of a fault (this is only applicable if your vehicle is fitted with electronic handbrake).

The third is the brakes have hit 0% on CBS – This flags a fault.

The forth is you have a fault on your brake system  – Low / No brake fluid.

To diagnose the fault and rectify requires specialist attention. Most diagnostic scanners that general vehicle repairers use are incapable of even communicating with the handbrake control module as their scanners are designed for the main engine control unit only.

We charge a flat rate of £66.50 + VAT for electronic diagnostic of the EGS.