Hunter 4-Wheel Laser Alignment.

Are your tyres not wearing evenly? Not handling as you’d expect? Had suspension work?

Your BMW is almost unrivaled when it comes to precision engineering, as such almost every suspension setting ie. Camber, caster, toe is adjustable allowing your vehicle to be adjusted back to the factory specified alignment specifications at a later date. Remember pot holes, speed bumps, worn bushes and any suspension work can cause dramatic effect on alignment specs.

When checking / setting up your BMW we only recommend the use of a Hunter alignment machine (this is what BMW also state should be used).

BMW 4-Wheel Laser Alignment - Grosvenor Motor Company - BMW Specialist Reading, Berkshire

If you experience any of the below or have just replaced your tyres (4-wheel alignment ensures you get the best possible wear out of your new tyres), we would advise 4-wheel alignment after we have checked the suspension for any mechanical issues.

  • Steering wheel off centre.
  • Excessive tyre wear on inner or outer edges.
  • Not handling correctly.
  • Had a suspension component changed / or suspension repair work.

Hunter’s DSP600 Picture Perfect Digital Imaging Technology uses four precision cameras in the aligner tower to measure the position & orientation of reflection targets mounted directly to each wheel of your car. The Hunter machines computer uses this information to calculate your car’s current alignment measurements and checking each adjustment giving you a comprehensive before and after printout with every alignment.

4-Wheel laser alignment by arrangement £75.00 + VAT.